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C. Exhibitor booth personnel:
D. Staff/press/speakers/misc
How many exhibiting companies (not booths) will there be at this show?
How many net sq. feet of exhibit space will exhibitors utilize at the show?


Would you be interested in utilizing our Housing division for housing services?
Yes No
Full housing solutions - site selection, contract, reservation services, registration?
Yes No
Housing solutions only - contract, venue, reservation?
Yes No
Registration only - registration, lead retrieval?
Yes No
Venue only - site selection, hotel, convention center?
Yes No
If yes:
How many peak room nights?
What date for room block?
What month:
What year:
City wide? Yes No
Multi-hotel? Yes No
Single hotel? Yes No
Will you require onsite housing registration? Yes No
More than one? Yes No
In what facility?
How many total room nights?
How many nights?
How should we expect to receive housing requests from your registrants?
('X' all that apply)
By internet percent of total
By fax percent of total
By mail percent of total
By phone percent of total


Registration Handling: Please respond to the following questions based on how registration was handled in the past for your event.
Who was your registration vendor or consultant?
How was it handled in advance?
Remained In-House
Reg. forms sent to Reg. Co. for data entry, financial processing and confirmation mailings
All Reg. forms sent to (you) for financial processing; batched forms then sent to Reg. Co. for data entry
All Reg. forms sent to (you) for processing. Data then transferred to Reg. Co.
How was it handled onsite?
Did not outsource: Handled by In-house staff
Reg. Co. provided equipment and staff
What type of lead retrieval system was used at this show last time it was held?
What was the estimated number of lead retrieval units rented last year?


Where will registrants send their form?
Directly to client Directly to Momentum Event Network Other
If forms will not be sent directly to Momentum Event Network, how will Momentum Event Network get the registration forms/data?
Data diskette in Momentum Event Network-approved, compatible format
Batched registration forms sent at intervals (daily, weekly, etc.)
BBS (bulletin board)
If registrants send their forms directly to Momentum Event Network, how should we expect to receive them?
(Check all that apply)
in the mail via fax through an online Web registration form designed by Momentum Event Network
directly over the telephone
Does your registration form contain space limited events, educational or social, that Momentum Event Network will be required to track?
Yes No
If yes:
How many related events are limited by the number of seats/tickets?
How many events will be monitored by Momentum Event Network's registration system?
How many of these events require the issuance of tickets?
On average, how many tickets will each conference registrant receive?
Will you want Momentum Event Network to track Exhibitor booth allotments?
Will Momentum Event Network be responsible for receiving, processing and balancing registration fees?
Yes No
Who will confirm registration to advance registrants?
Client Momentum Event Network No confirmation sent Undecided
If confirmations are to be sent by Momentum Event Network, what type will be sent?
basic personalized letter
generic flyer
detailed personalized letter
fax broadcast
Will Momentum Event Network be required to access a membership file to determine registration fees?
Yes No
An experienced Momentum Event Network Project Coordinator will work closely with you and your staff during the advance registration process to provide counts and reports as needed. How often would you prefer Momentum Event Network to provide the following:
(Please place the appropriate letter code from the legend below in the space.)
a. A basic list of registrants?
b. A data disk of registrants?
c. Custom reports (non-financial)?
d. A count of registrants?
e. A count of registrants by demographic categories?
f. A count of registrants by state and country?

Frequency Code Legend
A. Once per week, including only the batches that were processed in that week
B. Once per week, including all registrants
C. At the close of pre-registration, including all registrants
D. After the event, including all registrants
E. Other
F. Not necessary or applicable
Would you be interested in using an internet reporting package called InfoManager that would allow you to run your own pre-registration counts?
Yes No
Momentum Event Network's in-house customer service staff is experienced in handling all types of registration questions and discrepancies. When speaking with a registrant, they will have immediate access to your registration database and could answer questions immediately over the phone. What situations do you anticipate Momentum Event Network resolving via the telephone? (Check all that apply)
A. Register individuals with valid credit card payments
B. Register individuals entitled to free registration
C. Resolve financial discrepancies
D. Clarify information or resolve discrepancies on the registration form
E. Correct misspellings
F. Substitute people
G. Substitute events
H. Purchase additional events or upgrade their registration category (i.e. expo only to conference)
I. None of the above
How will badges be distributed to advance registrants?
Printed in advance, mailed to individuals before show
Printed in advance, collated in packets, held for registrants at Will Call Desk
Printed onsite from computer upon registrant's arrival
Do you intend to verify the attendance of advance registrants onsite?
Yes No Undecided


In what facility will onsite registration take place?
Will Momentum Event Network register people in more than one registration area?
Yes No Undecided

If so, how many areas?

Will there be any one day with registration open longer than 10 hours?
Yes No
Please fill in the chart below with the appropriate activity codes to reflect the tentative on-site registration schedule.
Date Activity Codes

Activity Code Legend
A. Momentum Event Network begins equipment set-up
B. Momentum Event Network trains temporary personnel
C. Attendee registration officially opens for first time
D. Exhibitor registration officially opens for first time
E. Exhibit hall opens for attendees for first time
F. Registration closes for last time
G. Exhibit hall closes for attendees for the last time
Based on the amount of equipment used at your last event, please estimate the number of required data entry stations that you anticipate Momentum Event Network will provide for your next event.
A. Conference pre-registration
B. Expo only pre-registration
C. Exhibitor pre-registration
D. Speaker/press registration
E. Onsite conference registration
F. Onsite expo only registration
G. Onsite exhibitor registration
H. Badge correction/replacement
Would you be interested in offering your attendees the ability to register themselves through Momentum Event Network's Self-registration system?
Yes No


On what date will the exhibitor service kit be mailed to exhibitors?
Momentum Event Network can offer exhibitor access to the registration database in a variety of formats such as labels, disks and mailings. Will Momentum Event Network be permitted to rent the registration database for pre/post show booth promotions?
Yes No Undecided


Momentum Event Network offers many activated services that can easily be integrated into Momentum Event Network's onsite services. Please select all that you would like to receive furthur information and pricing on:

Message Center
Product Locator
Session Locator
PDA Downloads
E-mail Pavilion


Momentum Event Network has an award winning design and printing facility in-house. The following section relates to specific services that Momentum Event Network provides.
What publications/printed materials do you presently utilize or would like to use in the future?
Exhibitor Prospectus
Preliminary Programs
Registration Inserts
Other (please specify)
Do you contract outside for any of the following services?


Are you interested in enhancing your physical tradeshow by creating a virtual tradeshow?
Yes No
Are you interested in creating or enhancing a web site for your show or association?
Yes No
Are you interested in offering your exhibitors the ability to advertise on your site?
Yes No
Would you like Momentum Event Network to assist in the marketing efforts for your reinvented web site?
Literature creation, telemarketing, show presence marketing?
Yes No

Thank you for taking the time to complete one of our RFP surveys.
Your responses will aid us in better understanding the needs of your event.
If you have any questions please contact 214.368.8174